China Garden Restaurant- قسمت 3

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What do people say about China Garden?

  • Very tasty: With a five-star remark, by a family: we ordered a take away pizza for 5 people, quoted 35 minutes for delivery and it came as fast as they promised. It was hot with a special Chinese flavor, we all enjoyed it, the portion size is good, it was worthy for money, I would defiantly order again.
  • Excellent: we ordered a set menu and added soup – it was delicious. service was very friendly, very polite and prompt. May I visit China Garden again.
  • Pleasant meal: by a young couple: my wife asked me to dine out, after much discussion we agreed on the China Garden as a new experience. They offer a set price – eat-as-much-as-you-want. We had a great time there, the staff were courteous. Totally recommended.
  • Great takeaway: by a young man: I ordered chicken balls from China Garden. the chicken balls arrived soon with plenty of chicken. I’m looking forward to visit there. Highly recommended.
  • Consumers’ compliment of China Garden’s food is out of count to mention here. We truly offer you to take an order by your own, to see what a Chinese food is look like.

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