China Garden Restaurant

It would be somewhat wondering that a modern Chinese restaurant like China Garden, in the heart of UK (London), has a great brand with lots of consumers. for many years, owners consider of China Garden have been to satisfy their customers. China Garden restaurant has known for its vegetarian food. These vegetarian foods are familiar for its permanent consumers and also for travelers coming to London from all over the world, even for the first time. If you enthusiastic to know about China Garden Restaurant in London, let us talk about it a bit more.
Do you know what a Chinese cuisine looks like? Have you ever taste a Chinese food flavor? What about a tasty vegetarian Chinese in London? you may live in London or you may have arrived from china and you missed your country foods. If you live in London, you don’t need to travel to china to taste a Chinese food, by using the methods providing in the article, you can find China Garden and order your favorite food. In this article, we will talk briefly about the Chine Garden’s address, food menu, prices and services. we will also introduce you, communication channels (via phone contact, web address for online reservation and …)

The Adders of China Garden restaurant

London has placed this five-star restaurant in itself. Its full address is “76 Booker Lane High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP12 3UT”. China Garden is open during the week from 11:55 to 23:00. Its delivery service has been act well during the COVID time.

Contact China Garden:

Phone: +44 1494 448989
Free Delivery: On Orders over £ 20.00
Although the cost delivery is affordable, but if your receipt goes over £20.00, your delivery service would be free. Plus, if you order “Roast Duck or Crispy Aromatic Duck”, you don’t need to pay money (Minimum Order: £ 0.00)

How to use China Garden menu(

What do you fancy today/tonight? Vegetarian or spicy? Would like to visit the China Garden and have a hall meal, or you prefer to have a takeaway order?
One of the best ways to find the China Garden’s menu, is to go to ACE website (http:/ With a vast and comprehensive platform, acefood will help you find many restaurants. There, you see the five-star China Garden restaurant; open it and choose your favorite meal. We sure our menu is as full as everything you need. Each cuisine has its own affordable price. You may not sure what kind of cuisine is your fancy right now; there are some ways to help you find your suitable food.

  • Do a google search about China Garden menu
  • Pick up your phone and deal (+44 1494 448989). Use our advice for your meal
  • Take a look to our consumer’s reviews; their comments truly help you choose what you want
  • Look at special offer in the China Garden menu (

China Garden menu

China Garden’s menu is out of count, but we do insist to share our menu with you.
Fried Rice Dishes
with 11 different types include:

  1. Special Fried Rice £ 4.99
  2. Egg Fried Rice     £ 2.99
  3. Chicken Fried Rice                        £ 4.99
  4. Beef & Chicken Fried Rice £ 4.99
  5. King Prawn Fried Rice £ 5.99
  6. Shrimp Fried Rice     £ 4.99
  7. Roast Duck Fried Rice      £ 5.99
  8. Other types of Fried Rice……


  1. Roast Duck                               £ 0.00
  2. Crispy Aromatic Duck           £ 0.00

Can Drinks

  1. cans                                            £ 0.00

Bottle Drinks

  1. Bottles                                       £ 0.00


  1. Beef Fillet with                                 £ 5.95
  2. Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef     £ 5.95
  3. جزییات بیشتر و خرید متن کامل این پایان نامه در این لینک
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