Eram Shishlik- قسمت 2

  • Carrot Juice £ 3.50
  • Apple Juice £ 3.50
  • Orange Juice £ 3.50
  • Eram menu hot drinks: 7 items

    1. Americano                   £ 2.50
    2. Mocha £ 3.00
    3. Hot Chocolate £ 2.50
    4. Latte £ 2.50
    5. Cappuccino £ 2.50
    6. ………

    Eram menu Desert: 5 items

    1. Bakhlava £ 4.50
    2. Zoolbia £ 4.50
    3. Havijch Bastani £ 5.00
    4. Faloude £ 4.50
    5. Bastani £ 4.50

    Terms of delivery:

    Free Delivery On Orders Over £ 25.00
    No-contact delivery

    What do people say about Eram Shishlik?

    The Persian restaurant’s review consists of 10 items like: quality, Kebab, chops, atmosphere, lamb shank, experience, food and service and….
    Among the best reviews of users and customers of this restaurant, the best definition is for food quality. Customers are insanely satisfied with the quality of Iranian food. the restaurant kebab, chops and the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant are in the next rank. Those who talked about their experience in the restaurant talked about their dreams coming true there and the experience of a fast service. In general, food and service have received high scores.

    More information about the restaurant

    4.8 of 5: this is the score that has given by consumers. So There is no need to talk much about it; everything is clearly understood.
    The restaurant doesn’t have service for Dine-in, it’s may because of COVID time. The owners care about your healthy.
    The most visited days for the restaurant are Fridays to Sundays; and Restaurant usually is not busy at 12 pm every day.

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