Eram Shishlik

Best Iranian/ Persian food arguably in London
Persian cuisine: there is absolutely no need to introduce Eram Shishlik. This traditional and modern restaurant that originate from Iran is known worldwide. Truly, Words cannot express the value and position of this Iranian restaurant in London, unlike most of restaurants in London that receive bad or poor comments/statements from their consumers, we gladly want you to look at its remarks given by its customers yourself. Eram Shishlik is more than a restaurant, its cuisine comes from its Millennial culture. It is far more than a food. Eram Shishlik is known not only for Iranians but for the whole world. In this article we proudly want to talk about the Eram Shishlik, although its cuisine’s quality is far beyond the words. At first we talk about the address, then the way you can communicate with Eram Shishlik followed by the method using the menu, Eram Shashlik’s menu and delivery. After that we will tell you how to take your order from Eram Shishlik by using website. at the end of the article you’ll see what good and amazing opinions the restaurant customers give about the quality of the food.

The address of Eram Shishlik

This five-star restaurant is located in London, the full address is: 5-6, Culmington Parade, Ealing Greater London W13 9BD, United Kingdom. The Eram Shishlik is open every day of the week at 12:00 to 22:00. Eram Shishlik with an expert staff chief, good quality cuisine, prompt and friendly staff service, is at your service.

Contact with Eram Shishlik

Phone: +44 20 3556 1659

How to order Eram Shishlik menu

Have you ever decided to eat a kingly cuisine? Have you ever tasted a traditional food in a modern restaurant? If yes, lucky to you, we know you are looking forward to try it again, if not, don’t worry about it; do a google search about Eram Shishlik menu via addresses given above, or pick up your phone and deal the number mentioned above also. If it is the first time you aim to eat a Persian food and you don’t know what cuisine is suits your taste:

  1. Ask Eram Shishlik’s staff to advice
  2. From the menu, read the Eram special cuisine: this unique famous Persian style, is consist of Best quality halal meat like: lamb neck and lamb shanks and unique best end lamb chops, cooked daily
  3. Take a look to our customer’s statements; their comments will help you find what you want.

Information: like it mentioned earlier, Persian food is more than just a food. The ancient Iranians viewed food not as a consumable but as a taste that is different for each person. characteristic Persian flavorings such as saffron, dried limes, cinnamon and …., are used along with main dishes (combination of rice with meat, lamb, chicken, or fish and some onion, vegetables and …) to achieve a balanced taste. ” for more information look at

Eram Shishlik menu

If you take a look to the Eram Shishlik menu, you will see a compact list of food. Unlike many restaurants with a long list of menu; Eram’s menu serves the best and unique cuisine. Let’s take a brief look to the menu (Affordable price compared to excellent quality).
The menu list is consisting of (starters, main course, soft drinks, fresh juice, hot drinks and desert).

Eram menu Starters: 17 items

  1. Torshi £ 3.50
  2. Greek salad £ 4.50
  3. Zeitoon Parvardeh £ 4.50
  4. Hummus £ 3.50
  5. Mirza Ghasemi £ 4.50
  6. ………


Eram menu main course: 22 items

  1. Okra Vegetarian (Stew) £ 9.00
  2. Gheimeh (Stew) £ 9.00
  3. Ghormeh Sabzi (Stew)  £ 9.00
  4. Extra Rice  £ 3.00
  5. Extra Koobideh   £ 3.00
  6. ………..

Eram menu soft drinks: 9 items

  1. Dough Glass £ 2.00
  2. Dough Jug £ 6.00
  3. Sparkling Water £ 2.50
  4. Still Water £ 2.00
  5. Sprite                      £ 2.50
  6. ……….

Eram menu fresh juice: 4 items

  1. Mixed Juice £ 4.00
  2. جزییات بیشتر و خرید متن کامل این پایان نامه در این لینک
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